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No doubt about it, parenting is a difficult job. While most things in life come with an instruction manual, children do not.  There are countless resources to help parents and caregivers. But, as a new parent or the parent of a growing and changing child, how do you know what resources are the best, most up-to-date?  United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Success By 6 can help direct you. 

Success By 6® is a national United Way strategy in more than 350 cities across the country all focused on improving school readiness through local community change. While local strategies, goals, and objectives vary, the ultimate outcome is that young children enter school ready to succeed.

On this web site you’ll find valuable information to help you get your child ready for school and life in addition to links to local and national resources. You’ll also learn what local communities are doing to improve the lives of children under the age of 6. In the United Way of Greater Cincinnati area, Success By 6 reports on the status of child well-being and early childhood education in Successful Starts Third Edition.

We invite you to contact us for more information or resources.  Stay and visit awhile.  Peruse the information and link to the resources.  And, let us know what you think by completing the attached survey. We value your opinion. 

Success By 6® is grateful to the many organizations that have made this work possible. Their generous support is helping to improve kindergarten readiness across the region. Click here for a full list of the contributors to this important work.

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